Call to Europe - eine internationale Konferenz

Wir möchten Sie zu der internationalen Konferenz Call to Europe: Addressing the crises: costs, Covid-19, climate & conflict einladen, die am 28. November 2022 in Prag (Adresse Wenzelsplatz 833/31) stattfinden wird.

Sie sind herzlich zum öffentlichen Nachmittagsteil der Konferenz (15 bis 19 Uhr) eingeladen. Neben einer Diskussion und einer Podiumsdebatte erwartet Sie auch eine Grundsatzrede von Nicolas Schmit, EU-Kommissar für Beschäftigung und soziale Rechte.


The European Union is at a difficult crossroads. The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and the Russian invasion of Ukraine have brought new challenges for the Union and its integration. In parallel, the EU must also address the ongoing climate crisis. National governments and welfare systems face new pressures and the need for greater support from the EU. European solutions are particularly crucial in a globalized world, where for example, the war in Ukraine, has implications for citizens across Europe.

In this context, how can the EU strengthen integration and support national governments in tackling the current and emerging crises? Progressive forces and office-holders have played a major role in the construction of Social Europe and will continue to demand and shape a Europe that ensures a decent quality of life for all. This Call to Europe Conference in Prague will bring together current and former policymakers, academic experts as well as activists. We will discuss not only the current state of play but also how European social and economic policy should be shaped moving forward so that no one in Europe is left behind.

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