The economies of Central Eastern Europe are heavily dependent on the automotive sector. The transition to e-mobility is changing the value chains. Engine and transmission manufacturing are particularly affected by this development. Decisions in this sector are made by the large western automotive companies. Politicians in CEE have relatively little leverage to influence this.

Dr. Ernst Hillebrand is head of a regional project of Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung on economic issues in Central Eastern Europe and former head of the Eastern Europe Department of FES. In his new Publication he deals with impact of the planned transition to Electric vehicles in Europe.  He asks questions like:
What does E-mobility mean for the economies of Central and Eastern Europe?
What is changing with the transition to e-mobility?
How should politics and trade unions deal with the change?

You find the publication under the link below.

The transition to electric vehicles in CEE

Hillebrand, Ernst

The transition to electric vehicles in CEE

What does it mean for the automotive sector in Central Eastern Europe?
Budapest, 2023

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